ASTM B21 Standard


The ASTM B21 Standard establishes the requirements for rods, bars and shapes of naval brass with Copper Alloy UNS Nos. C46200, C46400, C47940, C48200 and C48500. Naval brass is best suited for applications involving fresh or salt water immersion in marine hardware in both stagnant and moving waters.

Tempers under this specification are M30 (as-hot extruded), O60 (soft annealed), O50 (light annealed), H60 (cold headed and formed), H02 (½ hard), and H04 (hard). C46400 naval brass H02 (½ hard) and M30 tempers being most prevalent as well as the leaded naval brasses C48200 & C48500 in (½ hard) temper.

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