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Beryllium Copper

DIN 2.1247, BS 2870/1/4 CB101, BS 2871 CB101, BS 2874 CB101, EN CW101C

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains an inventory of Beryllium Copper in round rod and strip. The small ratio of beryllium to copper creates a family of high-copper alloys with strength as high as alloy steel. The commercial grades of beryllium copper alloys contain from 0.4 to 2.0 % beryllium. The two families consists of: (1) High strength with moderate conductivity C17200 & C17300. (2) High conductivity with moderate strength C17500 & C17510. The principal characteristics of these alloys are their excellent response to precipitation-hardening treatments, excellent thermal conductivity and resistance to stress relaxation. The high strength beryllium coppers C17200 & C17300 can be purchased in the solution annealed or cold worked tempers and can be easily formed or machined. A low temperature heat treatment (600 degrees for 2-3 hours) produces additional maximum strength and hardness.

Beryllium Copper


  • Connectors, contacts
  • Bushings/bearings for aerospace industry
  • Oilfield drilling collars and instrument housing
  • Springs
  • Rugged resistance welding gun structural components
  • Plastic injection molding and metal die-castings

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. has been in the metal business since 1920 and our knowledgeable sales staff is able to help you select the most suitable Beryllium Copper alloy for your application. Contact us today.

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