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CNC Machining Facts

CNC machining starts with a block of raw, stock metal. Computer-controlled machining centers that have the combined capabilities of lathes, mills, routers, and/or grinders use rotating tools to create parts. The tools follow tool paths generated by computers. Some CNC machine centers can turn and rotate the original work piece so that material can be removed from all six sides of a bar or block of metal. And parts can be machined out of both hard metals (steel and stainless steel) and soft metals (aluminum, brass and copper).

There is no need to make a mold, so CNC machining is cost effective and has the fastest lead times for low volumes for metal prototypes and parts. And because molds are not needed, draft and other moldability features are eliminated. Plus, CNC can easily create undercut features without affecting costs as significantly as it does with molding. CNC works with a wide variety of metals, giving designers flexibility and options. For example, if a part needs to resist corrosion, the part can be CNC machined out of stainless steel or aluminum. If lightweight is a goal, CNC parts can be machined out of aluminum or magnesium. Parts can also be precisely formed, with tolerances of +/- 0.005 and surface finishes that are superior to other rapid prototyping methods.

CNC machining is widely used by nearly all manufacturing industries – especially medical, computer/ electronics, automotive, and aerospace. Aerospace engineers, for example, use it because it is well suited to making parts with strength and light weight but are only needed in low volumes. And biomedical engineers specify machined metal parts for a wide variety of devices including surgical tools and diagnostic equipment.

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