Farmer’s Copper carries three main grades of casted iron products: V-2 (class 40) Gray Iron, V-3 (65-45-12) Ductile Iron, and V-4 (80-55-06) Ductile Iron. These products offer excellent compression strength and high vibration dampening capability.


V-2 (class 40) Gray Iron, ASTM B48:

This grade has a high tensile strength of 40,000 PSI with compression strength of 150,000 PSI. Its hardness ranges from 187 – 269 BHN. V-2 is ideally suited for straight wear applications and possesses the highest strength, hardness, resistance to wear and heat treat response for an unalloyed gray iron. It is widely used for bearing and bushing applications in the hydraulics industry.

V-3 (65-45-12) Ductile Iron, ASTM A536:

This grade has a tensile strength of 65,000 PSI, yield strength of 45,000 PSI, with a 12% elongation. The hardness ranges from 131-220 BHN. Its fine ferritic structure makes the V-3 the easiest machining of the three iron grades making it one of the superior machiniability rated grades of the other ferrous materials; specifically combined with optimal impact, fatigue, electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability properties. Ductile Iron, particularly pipes, is primarily used for water and sewage lines. This metal is also commonly found in automotive components and industrial applications.

V-4 (80-55-06) Ductile Iron, ASTM A536:

This grade has a tensile strength of 80,000 PSI, yield strength of 55,000 PSI and elongation of 6%. It is the highest strength of the three grades, as cast. This grade can be heat treated to 100,000 PSI tensile strength. It has a 10-15% lower machiniability rating than the V-3 due to its pearlitic structure. It is most often chosen when steel physicals are needed.