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DHP Tube & Fittings

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains an extensive inventory of C12200 (DHP) copper tube and copper solder joint fittings. Today, C122 copper tube is used for the plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning industries and is available in soft and hard tempers. In addition, we inventory a light-drawn temper, used for instrumentation and steam tracing applications.

Typical Applications for C12200 Copper tube

  • Hydraulic lines & Oil lines
  • Heat Exchanger tubes
  • Domestic water service & distribution
  • Geothermal heating & cooling
  • Distiller & Dairy tubes
  • Medical Gas-oxygen lines

In addition to C12200 Copper tube, we stock ANSI B16.22 wrought copper & ANSI B16.18 cast solder joint fittings. Sizes 1/8” nom. thru 6” nom. for Type “K”, “L” & “M” copper tubes. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff today, to see how we can help solve your copper tube and fitting requirements.

Standard Stock Sizes

*Type “K” (Hard) 1/8” thru 6”, (Soft) ¼” thru 1”
*Type “L” (Hard) ¼” thru 6”, (Soft) ¼” thru 1”
*Type “M” (Hard) ½” thru 6”
*DWV 1” thru 6”
*Type “K” (clean & capped) ¼” thru 3”
*Type “L” (ACR) ¼” thru 3”
*Refrigeration (Soft) 1/8” thru ¾”OD
*ASTM B68 (Soft) 1/8”OD x (.035”), 3/16”OD x (.035”) (.065”), ¼”OD x (.035”) (.049”) (.065”), 5/16”OD x (.065”), 3/8”OD x (.035”)(.049”)(.065”), ½”OD x (.035”)(.049”)(.065”)
*PVC coated tube – ¼”OD, 3/8”OD, ½”OD
*ASTM B111/SB111 Condenser Tubes – ½”OD x .065”wall, 5/8”OD x .065”wall, ¾”OD x .065”wall, 1”OD x .065”wall
*ASTM B75-Light Drawn Temper for instrumentation and steam tracing applications

Chemical Composition
(%max., unless shown as range or min.)





99.9 min





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