272 / C272 / C27200 Yellow Brass Tube

ASTM B135, BS 2871 CZ108, EN CW508L

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains an inventory of C272 brass tubing, which has many uses that are not solved by other alloys. C27200 is full yellow in color and carries strength and hardness in relation to more pure copper metals. Copper Alloy 272 possess an excellent capacity for being cold worked, but is not adaptable to being hot worked. A common function of yellow brass is to be used to form springs of many types.

Typical Applications

  • Fasteners
  • Cold Headed Parts
  • Heat Exchanger Shells
  • Pump Cylinder Liners

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. has been serving the metal industry for over 90 years and can offer material cut your specifications. Contact one of our experts today to find out how we can meet your brass tubing needs.

Chemical Composition
(%max., unless shown as range or min.)
















ASTM Standard Designation for C27200 Brass Tubing: ASTM B135

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