ToughMet Nickel Bronze

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains an extensive inventory of Brush Wellman spinodal alloy ToughMet 3 Copper Nickel Tin C729 AT temper in rod form. C72900 is an excellent alternative to nickel alloys, aluminum bronzes, and beryllium copper. Copper alloy 729 advantages are its high strength, anti-galling, excellent machinability, and it is non-sparking. ToughMet alloys are available in wrought form (C72900 in tempers of A, AT, and TS. Continuous cast form C96900 in CX Temper), and are designed to satisfy a variety of performance demands in harsh environments.

C72900 Nickel Bronze


  • Drilling and mining equipment
  • Aircraft bearings
  • Pump parts
  • Mobile equipment

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. has been serving the metal industry for over 90 years by producing a product that fits our customer’s specifications. Contact one of our experienced sales associates today for assistance with your bronze needs!

ASTM Standard Designation for C72900: ASTM B929
ASTM Standard Designation for C96900: ASTM B505

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