Cast Iron

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains an extensive inventory of cast iron, class 40, in solid and rectangle bar. Cast iron possesses the highest strength, hardness, resistance to wear and heat treat response for an unalloyed gray iron. It is widely used for bearing and bushing applications in the hydraulics industry. Tensile strength runs from 27,000-40,000 psi depending on section size.

Typical Cast Iron Applications

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Manifolds
  • Bushings
  • Bearings

Why Use Cast Iron?

  • Highest strength
  • Hardness
  • Resistance to wear and heat treat response
  • Excellent to very good noise & vibration damping
  • Very good machinability

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(40,000 PSI) V-2

Tensile Strength

40,000 psi

Compressive Strength

150,000 psi

Transverse Strength:


Lbs. Load on 1.2" Dia. Bar on 18" Span

4,000 psi

Deflection - Inches

0.25 - 0.34

Brinell Hardness Range


Microstructure, As Cast

Essentially Pearlitic

Heat Treatment

Can be Oil-Quench
Hardened from 1575 Degrees F to Attain Rockwell C-50 Min. Surface Hardness


Very Good

ASTM Standard Designation for Cast Iron (Class 40): ASTM A 48


Typical %


2.9 - 3.65


1.8 - 2.9


0.5 – 0.7


.1 Max


0.15 Max

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