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Brass & Brass Alloys

Farmers Copper Ltd. carries an extensive inventory of brass plate, sheet, bar, rod, pipe, tube, fittings, flanges, and fasteners. Brass Alloys are those made of copper and zinc. Binary alloys of copper and zinc are commonly known as “brasses”. Farmers Copper supplies brasses in C26000, C27200, C28000, C33000, and C36000. Brass and Brass Alloys are commonly used for decoration, in musical instruments as well as fittings, casings, valves, doorknobs and electrical applications.

The brasses are the most widely used and least expensive of the copper-based alloys. They possess relatively good corrosion resistance, moderately high strength, and in some compositions exceptionally good ductility and excellent forming characteristics when shaped by pressing, deep drawing, rolling and machining. Improved tensile properties are the result of cold working.

brass sheet, plate, rod, bar, tube, pipe, and fittings

Brass Features/Benefits

Level 4
Good Corrosion Resistance
Level 3
Moderately High Strength
Level 2
Used more than Copper Zinc
Level 1
Not Suitable with Certain Materials

Farmers Copper’s Brass Alloys Inventory

 Included in our 275,000 square foot warehouse, Farmers Copper Ltd. maintains a very diversified inventory of copper, brass, bronze, copper-nickel, carbon steel, aluminum & stainless.

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Brass Features

  • After cold working, brasses can be softened and recrystallized by appropriate annealing.
  • Adding lead to the brasses in amounts of 0.5 to 4%, results in free cutting of free-machining alloys in which the elemental lead is present as uniformly dispersed particles.
  • The high content of lead results in a relatively low ductility and plasticity.
  • To complement our extensive inventory, we provide material cut to your specifications on our precision plate saws, bar saws, shears, and water jet.
  • Holding tolerances as close as +/- .005”, we can eliminate unnecessary machining along with machine time.
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Our Commitment to Service

As a leading copper, brass, & bronze alloys supplier, Farmers Copper Ltd. attributes our success to serving our customers, through our service-minded employees and material readily available for prompt, accurate deliveries of copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and other metal alloys.

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