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Cast Iron Class 40

Level 4
Highest Strength for Unalloyed Gray Iron
Level 3
Highest Resistance for Unalloyed Gray Iron
Level 2
Excellent–Very Good Machinability, Noise & Vibration Damping

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. continually inventories cast iron (class 40) in solid and rectangle bar. Cast iron possesses the highest strength, hardness, resistance to wear and heat treat response for an unalloyed gray iron. Machinability, noise and vibration damping is Excellent to Very Good. Continuous casting virtually eliminates rejections due to porosity and centerline shrinkage.

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. cuts material to the specifications provided by its customers through one of the many machines on hand. Our precision plate saws, bar saws, shears, and water jets have the ability to deliver your exact needs. Call us at 409-765-9003.

Cast Iron Class 40 Shapes

Cast Iron Class 40 Applications

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Manifolds
  • Bushings
  • Bearings


Farmer’s Copper Ltd. extends its services throughout many industries. We provide the raw copper alloy materials in various standard shapes as well as custom cut copper alloys.

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Fabrication Properties

Tensile Strength40,000 psi
Compressive Strength150,000 psi
Transverse Strength:Average
Lbs. Load on 1.2" Dia. Bar on 18" Span4,000 psi
Deflection - Inches0.25 - 0.34
Brinell Hardness Range183/285
Microstructure, As CastEssentially Pearlitic
Heat TreatmentCan be Oil-Quench
Hardened from 1575 Degrees F to Attain Rockwell C-50 Min. Surface Hardness
MachinabilityVery Good

ASTM Standard Designation for Cast Iron (Class 40): ASTM A 48

ElementTypical %
Carbon2.9 - 3.65
Silicon1.8 - 2.9
Manganese0.5 – 0.7
Sulphur.1 Max
Phosphorous0.15 Max

Our Commitment to Service

As a leading copper, brass, & bronze alloys supplier, Farmers Copper Ltd. attributes our success to serving our customers, through our service-minded employees and material readily available for prompt, accurate deliveries of copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and other metal alloys.

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