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OFHC Plate & Sheet

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. Ltd. offers C10100 OFE and C10200 OFHC copper sheet and plate in thicknesses up to 3”thick .C101 copper is 99.99% pure, and C102 copper is 99.95% pure, contain essentially no oxygen. Both Copper alloy 101 and alloy 102 has high electrical and thermal conductivity and very high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

Typical Applications

  • Electronic semiconductors
  • Contacts
  • Connectors
  • Switches
  • Bus Systems

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. can provide sheet sheared, plate precision saw cut to +/-.005”, and/or water jet cut to your specifications. Contact our sales staff today to inquire on C10200 OFHC copper plate and sheet.

List of Standard widths & thicknesses:


36” widths - .032”, .0625”, .125”,


36” wide - .1875” thick thru 3”

ASTM Standard Designations for C10200 OFHC Copper plate and sheet: ASTM B152
C10100 meets ASTM F68 specification.

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