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C36000 Free Cutting (Free Machining) Brass


Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains a extensive inventory of C36000 free cutting brass bar in round rod, sharp corner hex bar, radius corner hex bar, square bar, and rectangle (flat) bar. C3600 brass has a lead content of 2.5% to 3.7%, which enables the brass to for free machining or free cutting. Automatic screw machine parts can be utilized from our inventory of swiss-quality brass round rod.

C36000 Free Machining Brass


  • Faucet Components
  • Pneumatic Fittings, Plumbing fittings
  • Valve parts
  • Fasteners

C360 free machining brass is frequently used in high-machining applications that require drilling, turning, and milling due to its' machinability. Free machining brass has a machinability rating of 100. 360 brass also has excellent characteristics for brazing and soldering. Alloy 360 is not recommended for welding.

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. has been in the metal industry for 90 years. Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff can help you with your free cutting brass rod or bar needs.

List of Typical

C360 Brass Sizes

Round Rod – 3/32” to 10”diameter
Square bar – 3/16” to 3-1/2”
Swiss-quality round rod- 3/32” to 1” diameter
Sharp corner hex bar- 3/16” to 3-1/2”
Radius corner hex bar- 5/16” to 1”
Rectangle (Flat) bar:
1/8” x 3/8” thru 1/8” x 2”
3/16” x ½” thru 3/16” x 2”
¼” x ½” thru ¼” x 4”
5/16” x ¾”
3/8” x ½” thru 3/8” x 4”
½” x ¾” thru ½” x 4”
5/8” x 1” thru 5/8” x 3”
¾” x 1” thru ¾” x 3”
1” x 1-1/2” thru 1” x 3”

ASTM Standard Designation for C36000: ASTM B16

Chemical Composition for 360 Free Cutting Brass
(%max., unless shown as range or min.)
















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