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Cutting Services

To complement our large inventory of copper, aluminum and stainless alloys, Farmers Copper LTD. also provides cutting and processing services. Throughout the years we have expanded our capabilities and refined our processes for the benefit of our customers. Please ask us how we can help save you time and money with our metal alloy cutting services. We have horizontal band saws, vertical bar saws, sheet/plate shears, abrasive waterjets, precision plate saws, CNC routers and a plasma burner. Whatever your cutting specifications are, Farmers Copper LTD. can help cut material to your requirements.

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metal alloy cutting services

Waterjet Cutting

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. currently operates four abrasive waterjet cutting technology machines to enhance our extensive inventory of copper alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. Waterjet cutting technology has been around for many years; ultra-high pressure water combined with a garnet abrasive gives this type of cutting many advantages such as; precision tolerances, computer-controlled accuracy, no-heat affected zone, no warpage, no metallurgical changes, and less material waste, resulting in overall cost savings. Please contact our waterjet department at 1-800-231-9450.

CNC Routing

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. operates two CNC routers. CNC routers are designed for high-speed routing, and the gantry design machine makes cutting accurately and ensures precisely fabricated parts. The machines enhance our inventory of non-ferrous sheet and plates of copper, brass and aluminum. Recently, Farmer’s Copper has become a UL recognized fabricator of GP03, an insulation fiberglass board used in electrical switchgear. Wood, phenolic, Kevlar, and other plastics can also be precision-cut to your specifications. Please contact our water jet cutting department for pricing at 1-800-231-9450.

Our Equipment

WaterjetsCut up to 6” thick and 6’ wide x 12’ long. Tolerances: As close as +/- .010" depending on size and thickness of part.
CNC RoutersCut up to 2½” thick and 4’wide x 8’ long. Tolerances as close as +/- .005" depending on size and thickness of part. (nonferrous only)
PunchesCut up to ½” thick and 8” wide x 16’ long. Tolerance: +/-.010" (Bends: +/- .030")
Plate SawsCut up to 6" thick and 96" wide x 12' long. Ask about our precision cutting tolerances.
Circle Saws
  • Cut up to 6" thick and 60" diameter.
  • Ring cut up to 10½” ID.
Strip SawsCut up to 18" thick x 12' long x 24" deep. Tolerances: as close as 1/8" depending on thickness
Bar Saws
  • Cut up to 26" OD x 12' long. Tolerances: As close as 1/16" depending on diameter.
  • Round bar 1/8” to 26” Dia Capacity
    ShearingUp to 1/4" thick (copper/brass), and 10 gage steel. Tolerances: as close as 1/32" depending on width/ length
    Press BrakesUp to 10 gage capacity x 100" long ( 1/4" thk x 36" long) - Tolerance: +/- .060" typical.

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    Farmer’s Copper Ltd. extends its services throughout many industries. We provide the raw copper alloy materials in various standard shapes as well as custom cut copper alloys.

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    As a leading copper, brass, & bronze alloys supplier, Farmers Copper Ltd. attributes our success to serving our customers, through our service-minded employees and material readily available for prompt, accurate deliveries of copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel and other metal alloys.

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