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Copper Pipe

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains an inventory of C12200 Copper pipe up to 8” nominal pipe size in schedule 40 and schedule 80 wall thicknesses per ASTM B42.

C122 DHP is 99.90% commercially pure copper, which has been deoxidized with phosphorus, leaving relatively high residual phosphorus content. Copper alloy 122 is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement, but has relatively low electrical conductivity due to the amount of phosphorous content. In addition, we inventory

C10200 (OFHC) copper bus pipe. C102 copper is 99.95% pure copper and contains essentially no oxygen. Copper alloy 102 has high electrical and thermal conductivity and very high resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.

List of pipe sizes for C12200

1/8” thru 8” schedule 40 x 12 ft lengths
1/8” thru 8” schedule 80 x 12 ft lengths

List of pipe sizes for C10200

½” thru 4” schedule 40 x 20 ft lengths
1” thru 3” schedule 80 x 20 ft lengths

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. has been in the metal industry since 1920 and our knowledgeable sales staff is available to assist you in your copper pipe requirements. To compliment our C12200 pipe, Farmer’s Copper Ltd. can provide C12200 copper butt-weld fittings per ANSI B16.9, as well as bronze flanges.

Fabrication Properties for both C10200/C12200

Joining Technique






Oxyacetylene Welding


Gas Shielded Arc Welding


Coated Metal Arc Welding

Not Recommended

Spot Weld

Not Recommended

Seam Weld

Not Recommended

Butt Weld


Capacity for Being Cold Worked


Capacity for Being Hot Formed


Forgeability Rating


Machinability Rating


Standard ASTM Designations for C12200: ASTM B42; C10200: ASTM B188

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. has been in the metal industry since 1920; our knowledgeable sales staff is available to help you with your copper needs. Please contact us today.

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