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OFE C10100

ASTM B124, ASTM B152, ASTM B187, ASTM F68, DIN 2.0040, BS 2870/4/5 C110, BS 2874 C110, BS 2875 C110, EN CW009A

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. maintains inventory of C10100 OFE Copper in variety of shapes such as sheet, plate, and round rod. C101 copper is produced by melting and pouring copper in the presence of carbon or carbonaceous gases so the oxygen can be absorbed. This high purity and absence of deoxidizers account for its average conductivity of 101% IACS. Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper alloy (OFHC) 101 is free from hydrogen embrittlement when heated in a reducing atmosphere. C10100 can be certified to the percent of impurities in its composition, whereas C10200 is uncertified.

Typical Applications for C10100 OFE

  • Electrical & Electronic Conductors
  • Superconductor matrixes
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Glass-to-metal seals
  • Power Substations

Farmer’s Copper Ltd. can offer material cut to your specifications on our bar saws, shears, precision plate saws, and water jet cut. Contact one of our experts today to find out how we can help meet your copper needs.

Available Shapes

C10100 Fabrication Properties


Joining Technique

Suitability Level






Oxyacetylene Welding


Gas Shielded Arc Welding


Coated Metal Arc Welding

Not Recommended

Spot Weld

Not Recommended

Seam Weld

Not Recommended

Butt Weld


Capacity for Being Cold Worked


Capacity for Being Hot Formed


Forgeability Rating


Machinability Rating


ASTM Standard Designations for C10100 OFHC Copper: ASTM B124, ASTM B152, ASTM B187, ASTM F68

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